Trump not in favor of offering 2020 election ticket to Mike Pence

Asked about locking down of 2020 ticket at a recent post-midterm election press conference President Donald Trump asked Mike Pence whether he will be his running mate.

Getting a yes nod from Pence the president said it was unexpected but he is feeling very fine.

Publicly he expressed feeling fine, but in private he is not. The election is two years away from now and couple of times Trump has asked his aides and advisers whether Pence is loyal. Some of his advisers by now is alarmed as such questions are indicating the president wants to drop Pence from ticket and pick someone else for the run.

However, the answers were varied and depended on which situation Trump has asked such questions.

Most of the people in White House said Pence has been a committed soldier who visited Hawaii to collect remains of veterans of the Korean War and visited several countries which were avoided by Trump.

Advisers of Trump from outside White House said Pence is loyal and he may benefit from him as a running mate as he may attract women voters in large numbers.

Meanwhile, it is true Trump is seeking a change to the ticket.

Paul Linus