Austria investigating white supremacist group over links with NZ terror suspect

The government in Austria has said it is contemplating disbanding a far-right group over suspicions of having a link with the New Zealand mosque attack accused Brenton Tarrant. Investigations are also underway to find out if the Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ) also serves as a terror organisation as well.

Suspicions against the movement stems from the fact that the IBÖ received about 1,500 euros as donation from Mr. Tarrant. The head of IBÖ, Martin Sellner has confirmed having received the donation but has ruled out having terror on their agenda.

What is also adding to the suspicion is that Tarrant had been to Austria on at least one occasion, from 27 November to 4 December, 2019. The IBÖ also share a similar ideology with Tarrant in that both are supportive to establishing white supremacy.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has said extremism in any form, whether it be about radical Islamism or extreme right-wing fanaticism, none will be allowed to disrupt the society in Austria. Sellner, on his part has said their only link with Tarrant has to do with the donation that he received from the latter. He also reiterated his stand which he said has to do with peaceful protests against immigration.

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