India successfully conducts ballistic missile test that can hit satellites in space

India today announced the successful test of a missile that can take out space based assets. The Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi took to Twitter to make the announcement, claiming this to be a major scientific feat that only a handful nations in the world has been able to achieve.

Apart from India, it’s only the US, Russia and China that currently possess the technology to shoot down a space based satellite. The capability can also prove to be a game-changer in the event of a war given the increasing use of satellites for communication, imagery and other spying activities.

The test involved hitting an existing Low earth orbit satellite 300 kms from earth. PM Modi termed it as Mission Shakti which stands for power in Hindi. The PM also said the achievement will ensure security and prosperity of the country.

Regional rival China made a guarded reaction saying all countries need to maintain peace and tranquility in outer space while Pakistan called for ways to stop militarization of space which it referred to as a common heritage of mankind.

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