Hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico has received enough aid: Trump

President Trump argues hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico has received enough rebuilding money and the volume is way out of proportion to Florida, Texas and others.

Speaking to Republican lawmakers Tuesday in a closed-door luncheon the president however supported $600 million to deal with food shortfall.

In 2018 the president called disaster response in the island an incredible unsung success. Since then the Trump administration has been slow in delivering the already approved aid.

Several states have been struck tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters in recent years and so additional aid for Puerto Rico is being debated.

Last year hurricanes Michael and Florence struck southern states including Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Disaster relief package is soon to be passed for the region.

Georgia senator David Perdue said, “Just at the time when harvesting was starting, Hurricane Michael hit and crops were completely destroyed across most of our state.”

Paul Linus