The most secret meeting among world leaders in upcoming G20

The G20 summit is the biggest challenge of the Argentine government. The men and women who run the world will meet in Buenos Aires on the property of Costa Salguero between November 30 and December 1. But on Friday the 30th, the most secret meeting of the summit will be held. It is so reserved, that it is called “the retreat”.

It is a date where all those who are not permanent members of the most important economic policy forum in the world are banned. Only the 19 leaders including will be in this retreat. The leaders that include, the Canadian Justin Trudeau, the Chinese Xi Jinping, the South Korean Moon Jae-in, the American Donald Trump, the Frenchman Emmanuel Macron, the Indian Narendra Modi, the Indonesian Joko Widodo, the Italian Giuseppe Conte, the Japanese Shinzo Abe, British Theresa May, Russian Vladimir Putin, and many other leaders will take part in this retreat.

Argentine guests, the presidents of Chile and the Netherlands will not be able to enter, nor the representatives of the regional blocs, the presidents of Jamaica, Singapore, Senegal, and Rwanda. Neither will diplomats, technical officials, or even interpreters.

These withdrawals are not always included in the agendas of the G20, it is an initiative reserved for those who hold the presidency. This time there will be a private meeting because that’s what Argentina ordered.