Pentagon approves transferring $1bn for border wall construction

Pentagon has agreed to authorize up to $1 billion transfer to construct pedestrian fencing of about 57 miles and 18 feet high along the US-Mexico border, backing directly to Trump’s national emergency declaration in February.

The fence is to be constructed in Yuma and El Paso sectors and this is the first time funds for border wall will be transferred under section 284.

Senators Patrick Leahy, D-Vt, Dick Durbin, D-III and several others wrote a letter the acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan mentioning the move of Pentagon constitutes a dollar-for-dollar theft from other needs.

With the announcement Shanahan authorized the Army Corps of Engineers to start with the planning part and thereafter execution for border wall.

Earlier this month Trump vetoed attempt of Congress to reverse his emergency declaration. He thereafter tweeted, “This will help stop Crime, Human Trafficking, and Drugs entering our Country.”

However, Trump had requested for a fund of $5.7 billion to construct border wall whole Congress had authorized for $1.3 billion.

Border officials lately announced an updated policy in Texas saying migrant families who cross the border in Rio Grande Valley should not be detained any further.

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