Mr. Trump… Nicolas Maduro still legitimate president of Venezuela

About two months have elapsed since United States announced support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido recognizing him as interim president of the Latin American country. More than fifty nations have concluded Nicola Maduro’s re-election late last year was a fraud.

Washington imposed oil sanctions too on Venezuela to deprive Maduro’s government of revenues as the country mostly rely on oil for most of its income.

Three weeks ago the country was also hit by blackout, a severe power outrage that affected almost the entire Venezuela. Millions of people were left without water, fuel, refrigeration and public transport. Hospitals failed to continue treatment for up to six days. About a dozen patients died as dialysis equipment went out of action.

The government blamed US for the blackout and despite such actions internationally President Nicolas Maduro still remains in the ring. He is still on TV in front of a crowd and still on his feet. He is cheerfully goading his enemies.

Meanwhile, Maduro’s adversaries are now asking what can be done internationally to put pressure on the president to step down or to topple him.

An opposition member of the National Assembly said, “It’s true we are running out of options… I do feel that my role is getting to a point where it’s no longer useful.”

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Paul Linus