China “prepared” to dialogue with US on trade war

There is again a loophole for a truce in the trade war between the United States and China. “We are ready to seek a mutually acceptable solution,” Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said on Tuesday, while a bilateral meeting on security and diplomacy was scheduled to be held in Washington on Friday, week after Xi Jinping and Donald Trump approached their positions during a phone call.

“China will remain calm and cool-headed in order to maintain a receptive attitude. Both China and the United States would like to see more bilateral trade and cooperation, “Wang said in Singapore Tuesday in an economic forum hosted by Bloomberg.

Wang’s words take on special relevance not only for the content but also for the moment. He delivered them on the day of crucial legislative elections in the United States, a good thermometer on the acceptance of Trump’s controversial policies and temper the more challenging tone adopted by Xi on Monday, during the opening of the International Imports Exhibition (CIIE) in Shanghai.

Wang, considered the right-hand man for the Chinese president, called on the world’s biggest economies to trim the edges in a context of increasing uncertainty. “Today’s world faces many serious problems that require close cooperation between China and the United States,” Wang said at the opening of the forum, which was initially to be held in Beijing but was transferred to the Asian city-state, request from China, precisely so as not to overshadow the Shanghai CIIE.