Immigration staff keeps 9-year old in detention for 2 days while on way to school

The immigration officials in the US stands accused of being indifferent to its own citizens over the way it dealt with a 9-year old kid whom they mistook being an immigrant. Officials picked up Julia Isabel Amparo Medina on her way to school and kept her in detention for close to 32 hours before handing her back to her family.

Medina said she had a genuine US passport on her when she was apprehended by the officials. However, she said she was too scared to confront them on her own. The Federal guys, on their part, said the girl had inconsistencies in her narrative but couldn’t explain why it took 32-hours for them to establish her identity.

Medina’s brother also said he was suspected to be involved in human and sex trafficking despite him being an US citizen as well. He said he was asked to sing papers proclaiming Medina to be indeed his cousin sister.

Medina was apprehended when on way to school to San Ysidro from her home in Tijuana.

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