Cyclone Idai took 750 lives in Mozambique

Death toll in Mozambique from Cyclone Idai could soon reach thousand. As of now the figure stands at 750 in a CNN report.

However, official statement from the country’s Minister of Land and Environment, Celso Correia, revealed 446 death.

United Nations confirmed the figure of 259 in Zimbabwe and 56 in Malawi.

According to environment minister Celso Correia about 110,000 people are currently taking shelters in rescue camps amid efforts of aid workers to stop spread of disease as cholera is being feared even though no cases have yet been confirmed.

Deputy director of the U.N. Humanitarian operation, Sebastian Rhodes Stampa, said the devastation is extraordinary as ahead of the Cyclone Idai the land was already saturated by earlier rains.

Stampa added, “No government in the world can respond alone in these circumstances.”

The country is also suffering with communication blackout with outside world. Much of the telecommunication and satellite infrastructure was destroyed in the Category 2 storm in the Mozambican port of Beira where Idai made landfall on March 15.

Large queues can be seen outside ATMs in the city. Credit card payments are not being processed. Telephone poles are either left broken or submerged in water.

The government declared March 23 and 24 national days of mourning.

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Paul Linus