Could NZ PM Jacinda Ardern be next Nobel Peace Prize winner

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern could be the next winner of Nobel Peace Prize. A petition has been signed by at least 20,000 people calling the Nobel committee for her response to Christchurch mosques attack earlier in March that killed 49 people and later one more in hospital.

Jacinda Ardern

A petition for Ardern to win the prestigious annual award on to the United Nations has been signed by more than 20,000 people as of Sunday morning including about 3,000 signatures from France.

Petition statement on the site praised the prime minister with a message that read, “If a Nobel Prize for Peace could be given to a spontaneous statement for wisdom and courage, rather to a person, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern deserves it.”

Praising her advocacy on gun control legislation the statement added, “…(her) strong leadership after the shootings in Christchurch… could teach a thing or two to other world leaders who at times have come short when tragedy strikes.”

Meanwhile, an Australian has been accused of opening fire at a pair of mosques in Christchurch, killing half-ton worshippers and injuring dozens more.

Ardern responded to the mosques attacker saying name of the shooter will never be mentioned as he will never be recognized or gain fame in New Zealand. Later she announced all military-style semi-automatic weapons would be banned in the country.

The prime minister said, “He may have sought notoriety, but we in New Zealand will give him nothing, not even his name.”

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