Deputy National Security adviser Mira Ricardel quits White House post

Melania Trump condemned deputy national security adviser yesterday by releasing a statement and today Mira Ricardel was seen packing her bags in her office. She is leaving her post, but without quitting the administration.

Earlier today White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Ricardel is departing the White House and will be taking up a new role within the administration.

It is usual practice the aide is oust when she crosses a first lady, but Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama worked it behind the scenes unlike Melania Trump who did it in her own way, by using power of her office similar to what President Donald Trump does.

Communications director for first lady, Stephanie Grisham, said that Ricardel no longer deserves the position of the Office of the First Lady.

Following the statement against Ricardel series of talking points were issued by aides on the National Security Council in defence and one was that she was one of the highest-ranking female members of the administration.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known about the reassignment of Ricardel. Neither National Security Council nor the White House answered about her next move and where she could land.

It is learned through a senior administration official that the president was not happy to learn such statement released from the office of first lady.

Paul Linus