Trump to meet Jimping during G20 meet and discuss North Korea sanctions

President Donald Trump is to meet Chinese President Xi Jimping later this month at the Group of 20 gathering in Buenos Aires. It is expected both the leaders would discuss the issue of enforcement of sanctions on North Korea and as an aftermath China could play an important role in denuclearization of Korean Peninsula.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence said China would be easing sanctions against North Korea and this could be a blow to their strategy to economically isolate the Kim Jong-un-led country.

Pence was responding to media in his visit to Singapore for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit.

Just ahead of his remarks a congressional report was released revealing China seems have eased up on the enforcement of sanctions.

Apart from these, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce confirmed trade talks with United States have resumed after a telephonic discussion between leaders of both the countries earlier this month.

In his visit Pence met South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who committed to coordinate and work closely with US in implementing sanctions on North Korea.

Pence had cordial encounter with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin too. He said it was just exchange of greetings.

Putin’s meeting with Trump in July this year drew criticism in US.

Paul Linus