Democrats, Republicans agree repairing criminal justice system

There is just one thing on which the Democrats and Republicans lately agree and it is how to repair the criminal justice system. Strange alliances are being seen that includes the conservative Koch brothers, liberal Center for American Progress, Kim Kardashian, law enforcement groups, and also President Donald Trump, who endorsed a bill Wednesday to lower some sentences and improve prison conditions.

Crime now is hovering at a 20-year low and it is the right time to bring some changes in the law as rehabilitative measures have gone scarce and punishment is harsh.

The bill has been so far bolstered by state-level changes like in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana citing no increase in crime would lead to decrease in prison populations.

In 2007 the governor of Texas projected the state was in need of 14,000 additional prison beds and this would cost over half a billion dollars.

During election seasons crime has always played an important issue. President George H.W. Bush bashed Michael Dukakis in his 1988 presidential campaign for releasing Willie Horton from prison.

Six years later President Bill Clinton signed an anti-crime bill during his presidential tenure setting lengthy prison sentences.

In fact both competed who can be tough on crime.

Paul Linus