Trump supporting lowering of some mandatory sentencing laws

The prison and sentencing laws will be rewritten and President Trump is to support the easing of some mandatory sentencing laws.

It is learned the changes to lower mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses from life to 25 years and this would help Trump to improve his anemic standing with Africa-American voters, if believed to political experts.

The changes would also assemble a coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats before the divided Congress is seated.

The Fraternal Order of Police said Friday to be supporting the upcoming bill, but some powerful pockets of opposition like Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas argues the changes may pose a risk to public safety in the country.

Unusual group of supporters like the American Civil Liberties Union and billionaire conservative brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch view the changes as successful models for federal policy.

Meanwhile, advocates too push it right citing the changes will have a cut into the costs of a 2.2-million-person federal population.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin is learned to be putting the compromise in a lame-duck session on the House floor.

Paul Linus