Political changes in Srilanka, triggers the concerns of Tamils, all over the world

The DMK, Dravidar munnetra kalagam, leader, M.K.Stallin has announced recently that the sudden change in the Srilankan regime, surely encompasses quite a lot of mysteries. This is an issue of concern for the Tamil Nadu fishermen, and the entire tamilians in the state.

The tamilians across the world has expressed their shock, with the recent announcement of Rajapaksa, being appointed as the prime minister. Mahela Rajapaksa, was the former president of Srilanka, and accused for war crimes by the WHO in the past, for killing thousands of innocent lives, in the attack against the LTTE.

Rajapaksa’s actions were condemned by the international organizations of peace, including UN, and inquiry probes were held by international counsel, seeking explanation for his mass killings, or the brutal massacre of the 21st century.

The tamilians in Srilanka, were deprived of their rights during his regime earlier. With the sudden decision to bring back Rajapaksa to throne again as prime minister just overnight, has threatened the lives of many tamilians out there.

Stalin, the leader of the DMK, party has expressed his concern over the sudden change in the Srilankan political scenario. Rajapaksa did not had the majority but appointed as the new premier by the president. Stalin asked the centre to clarify the matter of recent sriliankan leader’s visit to Delhi and the allegations that drew RAW, into the controversy.