Revamped Nafta to find rocky surface in House under Democrats control

The revamped North American Free Trade Agreement seems to undergo obstacles as the midterm elections result has paved the way for Democrats to soon control the House.

President Trump believed and promised to quickly pass the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that was negotiated by him as a big win in September.

Meanwhile, White House officials are considering to push the latest tri-lateral trade agreement through the lame-duck session and not to risk backlash from lawmakers.

Democrats are now eager to outshine Trump as being defenders of American workers and probably no such deal would be signed which fails to fulfill the demand of labor leaders like reopening negotiations with Mexico.

New Jersey Democrat Rep. Bill Pascrell said Trump publicized it as a done deal, but in reality long way to go before agreement is passed in the House.

Some important changes are to be made in the deal and one such is that Mexico to allow workers join unions easily.

The House Democrats also will be concerned about a provision of minimum 30 percent of labor used in making a car in Mexico and workers earning not less than $16 an hour. By 2030 the amount to rise to 40 percent but $16 wage figure has failed to be indexed to inflation.

Paul Linus