Austrian native Kurt Salzinger, who escaped Nazis, dies with subway rider push

Austrian native Kurt Salzinger, who had escaped Nazis and was a scholar in behavioral psychology in United States, lost his life Thursday following an accident on October 27 when he was traveling through Pennsylvania Station with his wife and thousands of other commuters.

A hurried straphanger rushed past the 89-year-old at Penn Station subway platform shoving him with arm and knocking the couple to the ground before disappearing on a train headed to Brooklyn.

Helpless Salzinger was rushed to hospital with bleeding brain that later contracted pneumonia. He lost his battle with life on Thursday and family member believes it was an accident.

Police has no clue about the straphanger for investigation as the incident was not captured on video.

His stepdaughter Mara Chitayat said at the memorial service in Upper West Side’s Riverside Memorial Chapel, “It just shows a complete disregard for the elderly.”

Born in 1929 in Vienna, Dr. Salzinger escaped his country with parents and older brother through an underground Jewish network in 1838 when the Nazis marched in. It took about two-and-a-half year for them to reach New York and settle there.

About 38 years ago Salzinger wedded Dr. Chitayat. According to children both were inseparable and traveled to Hofstra University together every day. The couple was professors at the University.

Paul Linus