Ongoing Crisis in Sri Lankan Politics – Latest Update

Mahinda Rajapaksa left the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and Joins Sri Lanka People Party that was formed by his supporters.

It’s a big move in Sri Lankan politics when Rajapaksa left his party led by Sirisena and joined hands with SLPP. This move clearly reflects that now, he doesn’t need Maithripala Sirisena anymore and he wants to make it on his own, however, his father was one of the prominent founding members of Freedom party in 1951.

But political arena is quite different now as compared to 50’s and 60’s. The newly founded party clearly swept the local body elections in February this year and Rajapasks sees his future with this party as it is founded by his supporters only and has proven track record.

Why he has taken this step? Reasons are many but the prime reason is his ego – when he was defeated by his own old friend Maithripala Sirisena in 2015 in presidential elections. And being a lawyer he is well known of the Sri Lankan constitution but still he tried well to persuade the current president to go beyond the law.

And due to the international pressure, Maithripala Sirisena had to invite the assembly session but before that he announced the midterm elections. Now let’s see what’s in the womb of future. But for sure, Sri Lanka is going through in the worst political crisis currently.