Maheshwar Dam in Madhya Pradesh – Still in Progress, even after 30 years

It may surprise you but a dam and power plant project in Maheshwar, MP is still not completed even after 30 years, however, the overall cost has been increased 10 times as planned.

The dam that was sketched in 1992 on Narmada River for generating 400 mega watt hydropower and actual work started in 1996 is still not completed in 2018. In 1996, the overall cost of the dam was just 400 crores INR but it has been increased up to 4K crores today.

S Kumar was the private contractor that is responsible for completing this mega project but due to some complications and financial issues the firm temporarily suspended the work in 2001.  Again government and state faineance corporation started the project in 2005. But unfortunately, in 2011 again the work paused. Till then 3 turbines were developed which could have generated approx 150+ mega watt of power.

What’s the problem?

Some foreign funded NGOs are interfering in this project and they don’t wish this project to be completed. And due to this, the proper compensation and displacement process isn’t completed yet; it’s the prime reason behind it.

Overall, whatever the reason is, it’s a symbol of major failure of ruling parties whoever has ruled the state for last 30 years and the fact can’t be ignored.