Firefighters boss Brian Rice blasts at Trump for shameful attack on wildfire victims

President Trump’s tweet on California fire has gone seriously wrong and it is very well reflected by the comments of firefighters union chief Brian Rice who said it is time to focus on helping the victims and not to issue political threat to them.

Until now more than two dozen people have lost their lives in the destructive fire and thousands of firefighters have been deployed.

In his tweet Trump said California’s forest management policies are to be blamed for such a devastating wildfire in the state as 60 percent of the forests are under federal management which diverts resources away from the management.

Trump said each year billions of dollars are given for the fire aid because of gross mismanagement of the forests and either the authorities to remedy now or there won’t be Fed payments anymore.

Rice said the message of Trump is ill-informed and ill-timed as it is demeaning to the victims as well as to those who are on the front lines.

Currently firefighters in thousands are putting all the efforts to protect lives and properties from the most destructive wildfire in state history.

Rice categorized Trump’s tweet as shameful attack on all the courageous ones who are on the front lines.

Paul Linus

3 thoughts on “Firefighters boss Brian Rice blasts at Trump for shameful attack on wildfire victims

  1. blank

    It’s not really critical, do you think it is? There are some nicer things said on here in other articles. It seems like there was a little huffiness about the way things were handled. Not a big criticism, really.

  2. blank

    Rice has it wrong, it is not a shameful attack, but it is true that it is ill timed to bring up budget during this trying time. NO AMOUNT of budget or resources can prevent a fiery ember flying through the sky and blowing under a roof shingle.

  3. Need to stop criticizing the president. Makes all of you look the same. Do your jobs and save your bad attitude energy for the first

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