California Democrat Ro Khanna has plan to bring more jobs to rural America

Silicon Valley lawmaker Ro Khanna arrived in Congress some two years ago and now he has come up with a plan that would bring more tech jobs to middle America.

The California Democrat also believes his plan would help his party in defeating Trump in 2020.

According to media reports a draft of his proposal reveals to bring a multi-billion dollar initiative and to establish a grant program in building technology institutions at universities in rural areas which have been left out by the innovation economy.

Khanna says the bill would focus on creating a tech-proficient workforce in rural parts of America and so the curriculum is to be shaped in such a way that graduates can directly move into industry jobs.

He adds there is no reason to outsource jobs to other countries like India, Brazil and China, but the jobs are to be done in rural America.

Khanna envisions that becoming stronger is not possible through tariffs, but by providing their countrymen with tools to succeed in a digital economy.

West Virginia University president Gordon Gee said the idea of Khanna is similar to that of Lincoln and adapt it to the technological age.

Passing legislation is not easy and so Khanna said will show people that they have a pathway to jobs in 21st century with the new bill.

Paul Linus