California’s Woolsey fire: Hollywood shooting set Paramount Ranch burned

The Woolsey Fire in California destroyed famed 2,700-acre Paramount Ranch site in Agoura that served as a set for several films and television shows of Hollywood for about a century.

Paramount Ranch burned

According to National Park Service the structures have been burned and it is not accessible as the area is an active part of the so-called Woolsey Fire.

Being shooting location for initial seasons of Westworld, an HBO show, the site was equipped with panoramic views of Santa Monica mountains too.

Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood tweeted, “This is eerie. So sad for the history lost.”

The Paramount Ranch was developed in 1927 by Paramount Pictures on a purchased land of old Rancho Las Virgenes. Since then it has been one of the best destinations for several films like The Maid of Salem in 1937 and The Adventures of Marco Polo in 1938.

The Paramount Ranch was sold to William Hertz in 1950 and permanent western town was built to serve shoots and tourist destination.

Later the ranch was sold and purchased several times and now a portion of it is owned by the National Park Service.

This year three major fires broke in California – one in northern Sierra and the rest in west of Los Angeles.

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    This is an historical tragedy. There are dozens of conspiracy theories going around about this fire and how it was a planned event. Can you imagine all this being done on purpose? The theories range from DEW weapons to clearing the land for a new rail system. Wow!

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