Evergreen Campus Not Enough Diversity Privilege Points

Free Speech and Diversity Privilege?

Well, we are really trying to calculate the Diversity Privilege at Evergreen. But meanwhile it never hurts to take a look at its beautiful farm. This is such a beautiful experience by the beloved Evergreen campus alumni. It is nice of them to share and write about the farm dinner that went on some weeks back.

I love flowerpots of twinkle lights!!

I came to update myself on what’s going on at the school when I saw a youtuber video talking about privilege points during one of your diversity gatherings. It was interesting to hear in the video below that guest speakers refused to take the challenge due to fear of being bullied or unsafe or …. unliked. So the privilege expert in the video below will explain the diversity and free speech priv points as various microphones are usedl.

Diversity Privilege Points?

People can be negative and talk slanted when they don’t realize what a good job you all are doing. Thanks for sharing so many details about your farm dinner on your page- supporter

How many points can you get for your privilege? I DO NOT KNOW! I don’t know what each diversity point means, and I do not know which privilege points are given for diversity. This guy has a privilege calculator he uses in this video.

Plus Free Speech

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Lamb Tongue? That has to hurt!

Beginning with “Freshman Year,” lamb tongue pizza with truffles and nasturtium was distributed in a cardboard pizza box and paired with ale while Pink Floyd played in the background with a lava lamp illuminating the darkness. Then an array of delicious bites—sourdough fried mushrooms with PRIV lavage, fried eggplant with honey, fried sauerkraut, candied hemp, and hazelnut butter wrapped in beet (to mimic a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) plated on cedar rounds. Each bite was more delicious than the last. “Freshman Year” was also paired with tea.


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