Pentagon laments national defense construction funds getting diverted to build the Mexican wall

The Pentagon has said dozens or perhaps even hundreds of its military construction projects in the US and elsewhere are at risk of being either delayed or cancelled altogether to fund Trump’s border wall along the Mexican border. Many lamented this amount to gross violation of the country’s defense priorities and can even undermine the security of the country.

The Pentagon has been asked to submit a list of projects undertaken from Alaska to Florida as well as from around the world, funds from which can be diverted to build the wall. For Trump, the Mexican wall has been one of his biggest pre-poll promises though he had then reiterated he would force Mexico to pay for it. However, he is not known to have even broached the subject to his Mexican counterpart even once so far.

Earlier, the Congress had blocked Trump’s declaration of Feb. 15 with support from 13 House Republicans and 12 GOP senators who joined the Democrats even though Trump later used his veto power to overrule the decision. Meanwhile, several lawsuits have also been filed with hopes of squashing the emergency declared by Trump, the first time it has ever been imposed in the 43-years the law has been in existence.

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