Senator Fraser Annings Immigration Immigration Immigration

Immigration Immigration Immigration

A Senator in Australia has come out demanding that there will be a ‘final solution’ to Australia’s immigration ‘problem’. Senator Fraser Annings speech has sparked outrage through out Queensland when he mentioned that the immigration program needs to favor the public’s Christian- European values. He stated saying that the “nation [is] entitled to insist that those who are allowed to come here predominantly reflect the historic European-Christian composition of Australian society.

Anning’s and other senators backing him up, claim that this new ideal for immigration policy will aid in protecting Australia and its citizens from terrorist and terror attacks. Senator Anning’s use of ‘final solution’ in regards to immigration has sparked a vile response from the public. Historically the phrase that Anning used, “final solution”, was also used during Nazi Germany in World War Two. The phrase was implemented in Nazi policy in regards to the mass extermination of all Jews in Europe.

This connection and Senator Anning’s discordant speech has caused an uproar in public opinion against the Senator, as well as Anning’s counterparts in the senate. The Immigration policy and laws are currently being voted on. The question for the people of Australia is whether they feel safe with the policy they have now, or if extreme measure need to be taken against Muslims and other immigrants from third world countries.