Rajasthan State Elections 2018: BJP or INC?

In my opinion – it will be a hung assembly or INC (Indian National Congress) is coming into the power in this state.

Why? There are many reasons; let’s analyze them one by one here in short:

  • First of all – Vasundhara Raje (Current CM) has failed miserably in terms of development and other indexes.
  • Second – General public here likes PM Modi but they won’t vote for Raje and Raje is projected as CM again. Therefore, no hope for BJP here.
  • Third – For last 3-4 elections BJP and INC, both parties, are exchanging the power one by one, but still; no hope for general public. Another hurdle for BJP.

However, there are many cons for BJP in state but INC is still may not come in full power. They may have to compromise with local parties.

Why INC lags behind?

Prime reason is Rahul Gandhi, who is not as prominent as PM Modi. In Indian politics, almost each election is a prime battle ground between these two. Rahul is just here because of “Gandhi Surname” but “Modi” is here because of his hardwork.

There are so many fractions in INC who are not united and support their own local leaders as CM and that’s the prime reason behind their lagging.


  • CM – Chief Minister of State
  • BJP – Bharatiya Janta Party
  • INC – Indian National Congress
  • PM – Prime Minister of India