Illegal migrants apprehended at border was record high in October

The Customs and Border Protection agency released a data Friday revealing the apprehended number of migrants trying to enter United States in families at the southwest border crossed 20,000 in October. They either surrendered or were arrested by the Border Patrol agents.

In September the number was about 16,000 and it prompted the Trump administration to label the increase as national security threat and unprecedented crisis.

The total number of apprehended migrants across all the borders crossed 50,000 last month. It is learned most of the migrants tried to enter through Mexico border, intending to seek assylum in the US.

The growing number is sure to put pressure on homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and lately her job security has been seen to be vulnerable. The president has repeatedly complained she has failed to stop such flow of illegal migration.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has said to be denying asylum to migrants trying to enter through the southwest border. The entry will not be barred only for them who travel through official American ports.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union has challenged the decision of Trump administration in United States District Court in San Francisco alleging it to be an indirect violation of Congress’s command that “manner of entry cannot constitute a categorical asylum bar.”

Paul Linus