Youngster Saved Lives of Over 30 Individuals In California Shootings

California: Matt Wennerstrom, a young adult saved the lives of over 30 individuals during California nightclub shootings that left 13 people dead on the spot including the gunman.

Mindless shootings of innocent people at mass gatherings have been on the rise lately all over the country. Following the trend, there was a fresh rogue shooting incident that took place a nightclub in California last night which left as many of as 13 people dead including the gunman.

Many people started to hide under the table and whatever safe spot they could find in the place. Matt Wennerstorm who was at the club did his best to guide many people to a safe spot behind the tables. He immediately broke the glass window with a bar stool and pushed as many as 30 to 35 people out of the place when he noticed the gunman ran out of bullets and was trying to reload his weapon.

This heroic act by Matt Wennerstorm went viral on Social media and mainstream media.

According to Wennerstorm, he was a regular customer of the Thousand Oaks nightclub and all he wanted was to save as many people as he could during the event.

Authorities said the incident took place as late as 11:20 PM, and there were hundreds of people at the nightclub when the mindless shooting started.