One out of Five Products Shipped by Popular e-commerce Sites In India are Fake

One if every five products shipped by most popular e-commerce sites in India are fake according to a recent survey by citizen engagement platform LocalCircles.

The survey had a sample size of nearly 30000 consumers all over the country. In this survey, nearly 20% of the participants claimed that they had received at least one counterfeit or fake in the past six months. There was also a small percentage of consumers who have no idea whether their products are genuine or fake.

Snapdeal, one of that most popular e-commerce sites in India has bagged the first place with 37 percent of the respondents claiming they had received a counterfeit or fake product shipped to them by the sellers on the site, followed by Flipkart (22%), Paytm Mall (21%), and Amazon (20%).

According to 35% of respondents of the survey, fragrances and cosmetics are the most common products that have a higher risk of being duplicated, followed by sports goods (22%), and bags (8%).

When questioned all the four major e-commerce sites claimed that they have very strict rules and policies in place to stop the sale of fake goods in their platform, and if it did happen, they always offered full refund to the affected consumer. Some sites even claimed that they delist the sellers once they have enough proofs they have listed fake products. As reported by Times of India.