Trump administration plans retaining 1,000 troops in Syria: Media report

In the latest update on withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria officials reveal about 1,000 troops will be retained.

Late last year President Trump announced to be withdrawing all US forces from Syria considering the war against Islamic State is over.

The Wall Street Journal cited US officials saying Trump administration is planning to keep supporting Kurdish fighters in the country and about 1,000 troops will be retained for the purpose.

It is yet to be revealed exactly what number of forces will not be removed from across Syria.

Meanwhile, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford has denied accuracy of the journal’s report.

In a released statement he said, “A claim reported this evening by a major U.S. newspaper that the U.S. military is developing plans to keep nearly 1,000 U.S. troops in Syria is factually incorrect.”

Dunford adds no change in plan has been made and until now the announcement made in February will be implemented.

President Trump has claimed repeatedly the ISIS terror outfit has been completed defeated in Syria.

Last month he said, “You kept hearing it was 90 percent, 92 percent, the caliphate in Syria. Now it’s 100 percent, we just took over.”

However, several lawmakers have maintained their statements the ISIS have not been defeated completely.

Paul Linus