[video] The Ad Jordan Peterson Wanted The Dems To Make 2018 An Apology and Promise

Jordan Peterson put together what he thinks the democrats ad campaign should be. An apology an promise.

Apology and Promise


This is the ad that I most fervently wanted to see the Democrats produce.


We are the Democrats. Since 1828, our great party has played a major role in participating in the political process that has produced what is arguably the greatest republic the world has ever seen. We’ve produced generation after generation of leaders whom, despite their faults, have helped establish and maintain a country that has served in the main as a beacon of light and hope to the desperate masses of the world, yearning in those immemorial words to breathe free.

Over those nearly two hundred years, we have all worked together, despite our differences, to produce a society where desperate want is a rarity, where hard working men and women can produce a better future for themselves and their children, and where the arbitrary disadvantages that have in the past held so many of us back and deprived others of our genuine talents have in good faith been continually reduced and minimized.

Nothing is perfect, and neither is our country, but we have built, together, a stable, secure, exciting dynamic community, and can all, in consequence, look forward to an even better tomorrow.

But we, as Democrats, have faltered in our duty in recent years. We have allowed the discourse within our ranks to become increasingly dominated by a tiny, well organized and disruptive minority, who have insisted ever more stridently that our culture is a tyrannical, destructive patriarchy, and that we are not sovereign, responsible individual citizens, capable of negotiating a shared and prosperous peace, but oppressive or oppressed minority group members, defined above all by our sex, race, ethnicity and sexual preference.

We failed, as well, to oppose the the profoundly anti-American claim that free speech is merely the means by which the powerful protect their interests, and we abandoned our invaluable commitment to and contract with the American working class, who toiled mightily and often under conditions of extreme deprivation to perform the backbreaking labor so necessary to the creation of our stellar country.

In doing so, we betrayed and insulted our primary constituency, and we squandered the opportunity to elect the first woman to the position of the Presidency of the USA. Then, instead of taking responsibility for our well-deserved failure and loss, we insisted upon vilifying those who defeated us appropriately and honestly in the honorable democratic process.

We’re sorry.

We promise to return to the priorities that made our party great. We promise to build and the vital infrastructure whose construction employs our trades people and whose use is available to all. We promise to insist that our schools and those who conduct the research upon which their methods are founded abandon their divisive ideology and teach our children the knowledge and skills necessary to make them respectable, mature, productive reliable citizens. We promise, and have already taken productive steps, to reduce the inevitable corruption that tends to take hold of even the greatest and most alert of states.

We’re the Democrats. We did not uphold our responsibility to the American people, and we’re justly and properly sorry for that. We promise to clean our house. We promise to draw divisions between the key and time honored principles that unite us all and the divisive identity politics that is threatening to reduce us to an ignoble, squabbling and dangerously polarized tribalism.

We’re the Democrats. We hope you’ll forgive us, and we promise by the sacred social compact defined by our unalienable individual rights to act responsibly and carefully and do better, together.

Long may our great country prosper..

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