11 Year Old Kid Kills Himself After Shooting His Grandmother

After refusing to clean his room, an 11-year-old boy in Arizona shot his grandmother and later turned the gun on himself.

Yvonne Woodard lived with her husband and 11-year-old grandson in Phoenix suburb. On Saturday, Yvonne and her husband demanded their grandson to clean up his room himself. However, it looked like their grandson refused to follow their order.

Not being able to control his emotions, the grandson somehow accessed his grandfather’s handgun and fatally shot down his grandmother when the couples were watching Television together.

Shocked by the unexpected turn of events, the husband ran after his grandson before trying to help his wounded wife. But, soon before he could reach out to him he heard gunshots which his grandson turned on himself eventually killing him.

According to Sgt.Joaquin Enriquez, Maricopa County Sherigg’s Office Spokesperson, the investigation is underway as to how the grandson managed to access his grandfather’s handgun, and why would the kid want to hurt himself and his grandmother.

People in the locality were really saddened and heartbroken by the event. Many neighbors claim that they have often seen the old couples and their grandson playing in the park and added their prayers goes to the family.