Do not Make Fun of Metoo Movement: Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan, a popular south Indian cinema celebrity in his latest press meet requested his fans and followers not to make fun of metoo movement.

Many women and celebrities are starting to raise their voice against sexual harassment and sexual abuse by using metoo hashtag in their social media pages and accounts. The movement which was quite popular in western countries has picked up some steam in India recently. This after many popular women celebrities came forward to reveal their own hidden events of sexual harassments and sexual abuse.

The whole movement went viral in South India after popular playback singer Chinmayi accused well-known lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual abuse. However, Chinmayi came under extreme scrutiny from public and media houses for coming forward after nearly 15 years from the day the incident happened.

This event evoked mixed reactions from people. Many started questioning the authenticity of the claims made by celebrities, and believe some of them could be politically motivated.

In the meantime, Kamal Haasan in his recent press meet at Chennai expressed his concern about the movement losing its grip. He requested his followers and fans, not to shame the victims by questioning the authenticity and time period of the events.