Lavrov And Arreaza Discuss About Venezuela Crisis

Sergey Lavrov from Russia and Jorge Arreaza of Venezuela have met at an event held in Vienna. Both the foreign ministers have discussed to find a solution related to Venezuela crisis. Arreaza also thanked Lavrov for their support and said there are many things that can be solved working together. We need support from Russia during this struggle and the best place to win this battle is at UN, Arreaza added.

There have been heavy protests happening in Venezuela from January after Nicolas Maduro became the President of the country for second time. The head of National Assembly Juan Guaido also announced that he will be the acting president which increased the tension further as his move was supported by U.S and European countries. But few countries like China, Russia and Bolivia have been supporting Maduro. During the meeting Lavrov had a discussion with Arreaza about handling present problems faced by Venezuela without going out of international law.