Theresa May Will Request MPs To Vote For Brexit Deal Third Time

Theresa May is expected to convince the MPs one more time to support her deal related to Brexit. The Commons have to vote the withdrawal agreement of the PM by 20th March and the MPs have decided to delay Brexit by requesting European Union beyond 29th March. The MPs also voted yesterday by 413 to 202 to delay the Brexit which means that the UK will be leaving after 29th March as it was decided earlier and it is expected to be delayed by another 3 months.

The MPs of Tory and Democratic Unionist Party are also expecting further assurance related to the Brexit deal. Europe has already lost its patience said David Lidington, the Cabinet Minister and the MPs also to agreed the deal by asking EU to delay Brexit by a year. The delay of Brexit would need an agreement from the 27 European Union members which they are expected to have a discussion before summit.