Cuba’s constitution getting revamped

Cuba is soon to have a drastic change. Dozens of new laws are to come across the people. The nation will be reshaped. The market economy, criminal justice and almost everything will be getting a sweeping makeover.

Since 1976 this is the first constitutional reform of the country following a year of debate and discussion. Some see it as potential to speed up the growth of Cuba while many believe it to be a merely cosmetic update.

Cuban legal experts said the government may send the National Assembly somewhere between sixty and eighty new laws in the period of next two years and it is certain all will be approved.

Constitutional law professor at the University of Havana, Julio Antonio Fernandez, said she is expecting big changes to take place in the country with new constitution.

Julio added, “A new state structure, a transformed political system, led by the Communist Party, of course, but different and confronting big challenges.”

A new business law is on the card and it is expected to create a formal role for small- and medium-sized business houses.

Business owners hope they will be legally recognized and they can enjoy several privileges including right to import and export.

It is learned issue of gay marriage could also be addressed with the change in constitution.

In last month’s referendum 78 percent of registered voters said “yes” to the new constitution.

Paul Linus