China extends help to restore power in Venezuela

China has extended a helping hand to Venezuelan in restoring power grid and to bring light to the nation that is suffering from blackout since Thursday night.

On the sixth day of power blackout Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in Beijing the power grid failure is the result of hacking attack and the country is deeply concerned about this.

Lu added, “China hopes that the Venezuelan side can discover the reason for this issue as soon as possible and resume normal power supply and social order. China is willing to provide help and technical support to restore Venezuela’s power grid.”

Meanwhile, power resumed in several areas of Venezuela on Tuesday but parts of capital Caracas is still in darkness.

According to Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez the power has resumed in most parts of Venezuela.

President Nicolas Maduro blamed United States for organizing a sophisticated cyber attack on the Guri hydroelectric plant while experts believe a technical problem with the transmission lines resulted with blackout.

Maduro retains control of the country’s military and other state institutions and he is backed by China, Russia and several other countries.

Juan Guaido from opposition self-declared himself as legitimate leader of Venezuela lately and he is being supported by United States, number of Latin American nations and other countries.

Maduro denounced Guaido as a puppet of US.

Paul Linus