Jacob Zuma Has Been Involved In SSA Scandal

Jacob Zuma, the former South African President has been accused of a scandal related to state intelligence. President Cyril Ramaphosa has set up a new review panel committee to get the details about State Security Agency as is been considered to have hidden many secrets. The review panel has finally come out with a report that says SSA was used to support African National Congress party for political welfare.

The report also describes that SSA was used as an income source to work both in and out of the party. Jacob Zuma has showed his anger through Twitter by saying the review panel committee is unfair and no one has questioned him related to this. He also mentioned that the review panel committee features two Apartheid spies who have no right to say that I am corrupt. Even though Zuma refuses to be involved in a scandal, President Ramaphosa has started the commission to enquire about this.