Ichiro Ozawa, The Shadow Shogun

Ichiro Ozawa is a politician from Japan who is also the member of House of Representatives from 1969. He is also part of Iwate third district and popular with the name Shadow Shogun. At present Ozawa is part of the Life Party and previously he has been linked with various other parties. He was also the president of Democratic Party of Japan and secretary-general in the same party before leaving it to form People’s Life First party.

Ozawa is one of the senior politicians in the country and very much respected by the members of the opposition parties. He is known to give advice related to election campaigning to other parties to act against the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. There are also high criticisms faced by Ichiro Ozawa due to his wide range of political activities in the Democratic Party. He has even appreciated the U.S democracy and also praised the former president Barack Obama during his speech.