Dussehra turns into a nightmare for Amritsar on this festive occasion!

Friday, October 19th’2018 where India Celebrated Dussehra Good takes over the Evil (Raavan was defeated by Lord Ram) turned out to be a freakish nightmare at Amritsar, as per the reports over or more than 60 people were killed instantly as a speedy train ran over them, while they accidentally stepped over an unguarded railway track and reportedly nearly 70 people were brutally injured, shocking as it sounds!

The tragedy took place at Joda Fatak area of Amritsar where huge gathering of people was held to watch the fireworks of Dussehra, as the crackers started to shoot up, organizers of this Dussehra celebration asked the people to move back and due to the open space of the celebration area which was ahead of the railway tracks people moved in haste and soon there without realization a speedy Amritsar-Howrah train ran over the crowd with fatal injuries and many succumbed to death on the spot!

Although the police took immediate action and many injured were immediately taken to the hospital, all hospitals in the city were alerted of this tragedy and ambulances from the neighboring districts too were requisitioned to carry the injured and the dead.

There has been promised aid to the victims and their family who had to face the consequences of this massive tragedy!