60 yrs after Tibet uprising China still defends its rule

Sixty years after Dalai Lama fled Tibet, China still is defending its rule amid an uprising against Chinese control.

Tibetans living abroad blames China for exploiting Tibet for their benefit and amid such situation the Buddhist culture too is being destroyed gradually.

Dalai Lama is living in India since he fled following a failed 1959 uprising against Chinese rule.

China accused the spiritual monk of seeking to segregate Tibet from its control. The country claims for centuries Tibet has been part of its territory.

However, the Tibetans claim they were independent for most the time and in 1950 communist troops of China took control of Tibet following military struggle.

It is difficult to ascertain the current condition of Tibet as foreign travelers need to get special permission to visit the country and foreign journalists are rarely allowed to enter. More to this, during sensitive anniversaries the plateau region is completely closed for foreigners.

Meanwhile, thousands of Tibetans living in India marched through the capital Sunday with slogans like “India-China friendship is a sham” and “Tibet’s freedom is India’s security.”

Besides, China has always refused to either meet Dalai Lama or his representatives until they surrenders.

China’s Communist Party chief in Tibet said Sunday Dalai Lama has done nothing good for Tibet since he fled into exile.

Paul Linus