Nine civilians killed in overnight Afghan forces attacks on Taliban hideout

Overnight operation by Afghan security forces on Taliban hideout in Sayed Abad district of Wardak killed nine civilians including children and women on Saturday, said spokesman for the police chief of Wardak, Hekman Durrani.

In past two months such raids by security forces have been on regular basis on suspected Taliban hideouts in Helmand’s Sangin district.

Hundreds of Afghans protested last month in southern Helmand province against such deadly opeartions that killed dozens of civilians lately.

US Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) expressed concern over the attacks and rise in civilian casualties last year.

About 150 civilians were killed in first half of 2018 by air strikes and wounded more than 200 others. Last April an air attack on a religious gathering killed and injured about a hundred people and most of them were children, reveals report of UNAMA.

The Afghan government said attacks were targeted on Taliban hideout alleging senior members of the group were planning for attacks.

The Taliban terror group is holding about half of Afghanistan and frequently carries out attacks on security forces.

The Afghan forces are struggling to combat with the terror outfit.

Paul Linus