Trump would be disappointed if North Korea tests missile launch

If North Korea launches a nuclear test at this point of time, or even if tests a missile launch, President Trump would be pretty disappointed, said national security adviser John Bolton.

To move with efforts to force North Korea denuclearize Korean Peninsula the Trump administration had earlier canceled two large-scale spring war games between US and South Korea.

The second summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam late last month failed and following to it tensions have increased between the two nations.

It is learned Pyongyang is getting ready to launch a missile soon.

Former official in charge of Korea relations in the George W. Bush administration, Victor Cha, said the current situation could further be worsen before getting better as both the sides aer trying to figure out how to get the other side back to table.

New commercial satellite images reveal activities at a North Korean missile site near the Chinese border. It shows the country has continued preparations on the launch pad and is a sign of readying for the delivery of a rocket.

Earlier the site at the Sohae launch facility was shut down amid negotiations between Trump and Kim following first summit last year in June in Singapore.

According to experts the rebuilding of launch pad is deliberate effort by Kim in response to failed Vietnam summit. This is troubling the Trump administration.

Paul Linus