After power outage Venezuelan are now without Internet

Following shortages in food and blackouts the Venezuelans are now suffering with Internet outage. For past three days reflection of power outage could be seen despite minor restoration of power system.

According to Internet Netblocks observation website 96 percent people in the country were without the service Saturday morning.

Havana Times writes its contributor Caridad is incommunicado since Thursday. She lives in Venezuelan State of Lara, about 200 miles west of capital Caracas.

The paper adds transportation chaos could be seen in the country with no service of metro and train systems. Hospitals have reported emergency life-threatening situation for several patients and currency notes could not be dispensed from ATM machines.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blames opposition leader Juan Guaido backed by United States for the power outages that seems to be result of cyberattacks.

He tweeted, “The National Electricity System has been the target of several cyber-attacks, resulting in its failure and preventing the different attempts for reconnection at a national level.”

Self-proclaimed interim president Guaido counter-blamed the sloppiness of Maduro government, mismanagement and corruption.

US, Germany and several EU as well as Latin American countries have recognized Guaido as legitimate leader of Venezuela.

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