China calls for compromised trade deal with US

After months of trade war between US and China that affected the export of Chinese products to a significant figure a senior Chinese trade official said Saturday a compromise on both sides could make an easier deal this spring.

Chinese officials are not in favor of Trump’s idea of an enforcement provision as US could thereafter invoke it at any certain point of time to restart trade frictions.

China’s vice minister of commerce for international trade negotiations, Wang Shouwen, addressed a press conference in Beijing saying a possible compromise giving each side an equal right to take trade actions against each other could be the way out to end trade war.

He added, “Any implementation mechanism must go in both directions, fair and equal.”

Wang didn’t answer on a question whether leaders of both the countries could meet later this month in Florida to seal a trade deal.

China currently is seeking US to remove all the extra tariffs imposed by the Trump administration in 2018 citing the country is still in developing phase and cannot operate under the same trade rules as the West.

Meanwhile, Wang said talks between US and China last month in Washington was progressive.

He said, “They were both drinking water, they wanted to find common ground.”

Paul Linus