Illegal migration to US from Canada border on rise

Customs and Border Protection data reveals about 1,000 people crossed the northern border with Canada illegally to enter United States in 2018. The number is a tiny fraction compared to the southern border with Mexico.

In the fiscal year 2017 the illegal crossing on the northern border was about 500 and people mainly came from the Swanton border patrol sector along the border of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.

According to Border patrol Agent Richard Ross the type of illegal crossing seems well organized and sometimes they used smuggling organizations.

Ross runs the border patrol station in Vermont, Newport and part of the Swanton sector. He said it is believed traveling from Canada was safer compared to other borders.

He adds the recent immigration changes in Canada could be the reason of increase in northern border crossing. People coming from countries like Romania and Mexico do not need a visa to enter Canada lately.

It is learned the people pay a few hundred dollars for a flight to Canada and a small electronic travel authorization as well to thereafter get into US illegally.

Ross said some smuggling agencies are now exploiting such immigrants to allow them enter Canada and thereafter to get them smuggled into the US.

Paul Linus