India requests US to investigation Pakistan’s use of F-16 jet

Indian foreign ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said Saturday the country has called on United States to conduct an investigation into alleged use of American-made F-16 jets by Pakistan during an aerial engagement on February 27 that brought the two nations to the brink of conflict.

The Indian Air Force struck down the F-16 using MIG 21 warplane and parts of an AMRAAM air-to-air missile are claimed to have been recovered.

India claims the AMRRAM is used is specific jets including F-16 and argues Pakistan has violated terms of use of the warplane by the US.

Kumar adds there are eye-witnesses and electronic evidences that reveal Pakistan used F-16 fighter jet against India.

Meanwhile, Pakistan claims no F-16 was used in the operation, but the country has not yet specific what military equipment was involved.

On the part of United States there were certain restrictions agreed by Pakistan on the use of F-16. The restrictions are not yet very clear.

US Department of State said the matter is being looked whether Pakistan violated the terms of use agreement.

Pakistan ambassador to the US Asad Majeed Khan said, “On F-16, I don’t know, India has been alleging so many other things. We don’t get into every single one of them. I am not aware of request from the US side about the F-16.”


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