Maduro thanks Venezuelan army for being loyal to government

Addressing to a rally in capital Caracas the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro praised his armed forces for their loyalty towards the government and defeating a coup led by opposition leader Juan Guaido backed by United States.

The president blamed the opposition for complete power blackout in the country throughout Friday that started on Thursday evening.

Referring Guaido as a clown and puppet of the United States the president said would embark on a tour of Venezuela and summon his supporters to attend soon a mass protest in the capital as people should be united at such tough time.

Maduro first took the presidency in 2013 after the death of mentor Hugo Chavez. In recent years the country has faced economic collapse and shortages of medicines and food have become common. Inflation in 2018 reached 800,000 percent.

Opposition and several countries are blaming policies of the Maduro government for economic crisis, which has forced at least three million Venezuelan to flee the country.

The country has become ungovernable in past few months with two men claiming legitimacy as president. The people are caught in the middle of various crisis.

Meanwhile, though power has resumed following Friday’s blackout, but several places are still into darkness. It is reported the power cut was cause due to problems at the Guri hydroelectric plant in Bolivar state.

According to El Nacional newspaper fresh blackout struck parts of the country on Saturday.

Paul Linus