All members of Finland government resigns

The entire government of Finland has stepped down following failed views of coalition to agree on the welfare state reform a day ahead of elections.

Prime Minister Juha Sipila said he is disappointed and takes responsibility for the failure though it is true the reforms have been one of their most important projects.

Sipila became PM of Finland in 2015 after forming a three-party governing coalition with two other right-leaning parties.

Eurostat data reveals 20 percent of the population are aged 65 or over. Other countries in Europe having more such aging population than Finland are Germany, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

Aging population is currently putting a strain on the system as their benefits and provisions are paid by the working-age people.

The reform was to recognize welfare state and cut public spending by $3.4 billion in the period of next one decade. This is an ambitious aim, but parties have failed to achieve in the past too.

Meanwhile, President Sauli Ninisto has accepted prime minister’s resignation. Until the election Sipila will serve in a caretaker role. New government could be formed next month.

In weeks people will be voting for the next government.

Paul Linus